Congress prepared to ignore Trump on removal of medical marijuana protection

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An attempt to remove protection given to legal marijuana states is going to be fought by lawmakers

In what seems now like a battle of commands, Congress appears to be set on the idea of continuing to ignore President Trump’s intentions on removing marijuana protection given to states and is ready to go against his will. After Trump’s request to remove the current policy that forbids the federal government from interfering in the medical marijuana industry, Congress is ready to fight back, according to Representative Matt Gaetz. “No,” said Gaetz in response to a Twitter post from Tom Angell. “We have the votes to continue the current policy through the appropriations process.”

In the past, Gaetz himself has expressed that, in his meetings with Trump, he was supportive of medical cannabis and now declined to answer questions about Trump’s recent actions and how they could potentially damage his political career. According to Representative Earl Blumenauer, leading sponsor of these medical marijuana protections, “Trump’s latest budget is an attack on 8 years of progress at all levels. Luckily, Congress has fought back and defeated most of Trump’s misguided budget priorities,” he said. “I will continue to lead the effort to protect state-legal medical cannabis programs and seek to get new protections for adult-use and tribal programs. These are critical as we continue our fight to reform hopelessly outdated federal cannabis policies.”

Trump said just a few days ago that, even though the medical cannabis rider was approved, he is entitled to go against the will of Congress and ignore its approved protections. He insisted that his administration “will treat this provision consistent with the President’s constitutional responsibility to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.”