Congress is close to approving marijuana banking bill, according to lawmaker

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer believes cannabis changes are coming soon

It seems that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s positivity has increased even more after he managed to engage in several conversations with certain Republican senators. According to Schumer, the outcome of those meetings leads him to believe that Congress is getting closer and closer to introducing and approving marijuana legislation with provisions covering banking access for legal businesses and expungement of past convictions.

Two days ago, a debate was held between Schumer and his Republican re-election opponent Joe Pinion. Several media outlets took the opportunity to ask the New York Democrat about a broader marijuana legalization bill he introduced this year. At the same time, he was asked if he felt it would make more sense to first promote more research on the plant before ending prohibition.

While Schumer admits that cannabis research is a high-priority issue, he made it clear that many states in the country have already opened the way to legalization, hinting that the policy is already “upon us.” In the debate, Schumer said Congress is making strides. He claims he has been meeting with members of both parties to pass the SAFE Banking Act. This bill seeks to give financial institutions the ability to link up with cannabis companies and lend them money.

He also indicated that eliminating records for cannabis-related convictions is a very important issue. Many people have lost great opportunities in their lives because of these records. Still, Schumer said he is working with a group of Republican senators, and a group of Democratic senators, to get something passed.