Companies behind these four marijuana stocks have impress revenue growth

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These companies are familiar and continue to blaze a path in the marijuana industry

As the marijuana industry heats up, a small handful of companies are blazing new paths. They are leading the others in innovation and setting the pace for future developments. In particular, there are four that are constant pioneers, and their results on the marijuana stock market are a strong indication of their capabilities.

CannTrust Holdings produces and distributes pharmaceutical medical cannabis, as well as other related products. It has a 60,000-square-foot facility capable of producing 3,600kg of cannabis each year. The company announced two weeks ago that it had applied to be listed on the NYSE and on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), continues to impress. As of this writing, its 1-week total return is 2.6% and its 1-month total return is 31%. Revenue over the past two quarters has increased 197.8%.

Cresco Labs is having an incredible run. The vertically-integrated company that is involved in the manufacturing, cultivation and retail of cannabis across six states is in expansion mode with no signs of slowing down. It has suffered a slight dip in its trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) for its 1-week total return, falling 3.1%, but its one-month total return is up 17.3%. Quarter over quarter, its revenue has increased 48.1%.

U.S.-based MedMen Enterprises is another vertically-integrated cannabis company that controls 18 manufacturing and distribution facilities. It acquired a number of companies last year, including PharmaCann and Treadwell Simpson, and partnered with Halo Labs to offer the latter’s new DabTabs product. Traded on the CSE, MedMen has also seen a drop in its return for the past week (3.8%), but an increase in its one-month return – 11.3%. Its quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) revenue growth is 39.1%.

Origin House targets cannabis investments. It is a private equity firm that deals in acquisitions and other investments and concentrates its efforts in both the U.S. and the Canadian markets. Just yesterday, the company was ranked second on the 2019 OTCQZ Best 50 list as a top-performing cannabis company. Traded on the CSE, it has seen an uptick of 3% in its 1-week total return and 47.4% for its 1-month total return. QoQ, its revenue growth has been a staggering 88.7%.

Many stock market analysts have asserted that now is the time to begin investing in marijuana stocks. As these four have proven themselves to be consistently strong performers, they would most likely make great additions to any portfolio.

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