Comedian Watts Homie Quan finds a home for his cannabis products

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The Wild N’ Out star’s line of marijuana is coming to different California dispensaries

Watts Homie Quan is an American rapper, comedian, actor, writer, director and internet personality best known for his Instagram sketches. It was his success in “Wild N’ Out” that led him to become a recognized star today, who has also dabbled in the cannabis industry. In order to bring his new recreational product Growin’ Up LA, to different parts of California, the rapper has formed an exclusive partnership with cannabis delivery company Just Mary.

Just Mary Delivery has already formed an extensive footprint in the Los Angeles area. The app features properties from local retailers and brands while offering same-day delivery to the Beach Cities, Culver City, Inglewood, San Fernando Valley, West Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Greenwood & Company announced Just Mary as its delivery arm some time ago, and since then, its services have met the needs of many consumers in LA. In a press release, Marlo Richardson, owner and CEO, clarified that it is “a fully vertical company licensed in California that helps bring brands to the cannabis mogul-owned market.”

Richardson assures that it has been a pleasure for his firm to work with Watts Homie Quan’s dreams now that he has ventured into the cannabis market through his new brand. The CEO says the Just Mary Delivery team works day and night to increase the footprint of people who are normally overlooked in the legal cannabis industry.

Quan didn’t mince words and wanted to praise the recent partnership. He said, “Not many of us have this opportunity, so I’m happy to be a part of history because it’s not too many successful Black-owned cannabis companies that exist. What’s another amazing aspect I’m excited about is the women behind the scenes. Marlo is an amazing mentor and friend; it’s dope to have strong Black women on your team.”

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