“Come Out for Cannabis” comes to Emerald Village West Hollywood

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Emerald Village’s travel and tourism board welcomes cannabis consumers to pride celebrations in June

Pride 2022 season is approaching and the Emerald Village West Hollywood Cannabis Travel and Tourism Board is gearing up to celebrate in the best way possible. Consumers are being encouraged to show their cannabis pride through the launch of “Come Out for Cannabis” during the month of June.

Come Out for Cannabis is a perfect excuse to create parallels between the fight for gay rights and the quest for cannabis decriminalization. The movement has been inspired by homosexual icons such as Harvey Milk, who implored his community to “Come Out.”

Emerald Village West Hollywood intends to ask the public to “Come Out for Cannabis” with targeted online campaigns and branded products. These will be distributed to guests at booth activations at the Long Beach Pride and WeHo Pride festivals.

Scott Schmidt, executive director of Emerald Village West Hollywood, commented, “Cannabis users have been stigmatized by society and even the government much like LGBTQ+ people for decades. Cannabis icons such as Cheech and Chong or Snoop Dog are often the archetypes of what people think a cannabis user is.”

Schmidt added that no matter who it is and what the intent behind marijuana use is, users span a broad spectrum of society. He clarified that the main goal of Come Out for Cannabis is to celebrate all cannabis users and the cannabis destinations you can explore right there at Emerald Village.

Not everything will be limited to just the campaign. Emerald Village West Hollywood also announced that it will host the first-ever Queen of the Emerald Village Pride Month drag competition. The inaugural competition will be based on a month-long contest for local drag performers to raise funds, and host public gatherings, and appearances at cannabis stores and lounges. The idea is to get public votes in order to be crowned the Emerald Village Queen of West Hollywood through Pride 2023.