Colorado’s first marijuana vending machine will alter the retail market

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The state is raising the bar on retail cannabis sales, which will alter the entire US industry

In 1880 the first coin-operated vending machines began to be used. It was the owner of an English publishing house, Richard Carlisle, who used a vending machine to sell his books. Later, in 1888, the inventor of chewing gum, Thomas Adams, introduced the first vending machines in the New York subway. Many years have passed since then, and no one would have ever imagined that cannabis could be part of the experience. Colorado wants to give an unexpected twist to the retail market and for this purpose, it is promoting the first marijuana vending machine in the state.

Today, vending machine manufacturers are constantly looking to improve the user experience, both in the way the product is dispensed and in the way payment is facilitated. That could certainly be good news for those who want to get a snack and/or a drink quickly. The convenience could now also apply to cannabis enthusiasts living in or visiting the Centennial State.

Governor Jared Polis wants the state to welcome the first marijuana vending machine capable of labeling, packaging and dispensing cannabis products to adult consumers through transactions that don’t even take a minute. One of the Terrapin Care Station retailers in Aurora has been selected to launch the Automated Cannabis Experience (ACE) recently.

Via a post on Twitter, Polis said it is the “first fully automated cannabis kiosk in the market.” “You still need proof of ID and age to enter,” he emphasized, sharing a photo of what the state-of-the-art machine looks like. Terrapin made it clear that the machine features triple-check filters to ensure that authorized persons (+21) can access the products it offers.

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