Colorado offers students money to participate in marijuana program

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A University of Colorado Boulder health group will pay $20 for participation

Colorado University (CU) Health Promotion of the University of Colorado Boulder is looking for a few good men and women. It is currently recruiting university students to participate in focus groups that will be designed to better understand the students’ perceptions about marijuana, but all participants, as well as their answers, will remain private. As an incentive, each participant will be given some much-needed cash.

According to the group’s announcement, “We are looking for both people who use and do not use marijuana to share their thoughts. These focus groups will take place the first week of March. Groups will run 60–90 minutes, and participants will receive a $20 Campus Cash card for their time. These cards can be used for food (dining centers, grab-n’-gos and Starbucks), at the book store, for laundry and for printing. The results of the focus groups will be used to help us craft communication materials and improve programs offered to students.”

Signups are available online and are available to all students, regardless of their year of study. While anonymity is reportedly possible, the signup form requires the inclusion of a CU email address. There will be several focus groups available and, without the email address, notifications of the schedule cannot be delivered.

Colorado has one of the most robust marijuana policies in the country, but it is also important to receive as much data as possible in order to advance the space. Access to data from those at the college level provides valuable insight into how the past couple of years have changed public opinion, especially among the youth.

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