Colorado lawmakers approve new medical marijuana guidelines

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The state is attempting to reduce the use of high-potency products by teenagers

Colorado Governor Jared Polis is soon to receive proposed new restrictions on medical marijuana in the state. The idea of these new measures is to reduce the use of high potency products in the youth community in order to avoid any general inconvenience.

House Bill 21-1317 with amendments passed the Senate and, after the Senate amendments were approved by the House yesterday, it can be concluded that the long journey of the bill is reaching its finish line, provided Polis decides to sign it into law. During the Senate floor last Thursday, Senator Rhonda Fields said, “We need to be concerned about this industry and how it could be interfering with the intellectual development of our children. When you smoke cannabis or marijuana or all these other things that are out there, there are consequences associated with it and we end up paying for it as taxpayers.”

House Speaker Alec Garnett and Representative Yadira Caraveo are leading HB-1317. Both have made it clear that this proposal arose after concerns were raised regarding the use of high potency marijuana products, which could cause certain health effects in children who use it medicinally. Parents of these children have also expressed concerns, particularly when it comes to attention and concentration problems.

With the legislation and its final version, doctors would now be obliged to recommend medical marijuana in person for young people between the ages of 18 and 20. These physicians would be required to review the mental and medical history of these young people before choosing to recommend the substance. This bill comes in order to save the integrity of the young population, something that, in the long run, could have a very positive impact in that aspect if it becomes law.