Colorado is only days away from expanded cannabis legislation

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House Bill 1230 becomes effective on January 1, 2020

A new Colorado bill, House Bill 1230, has the intention of bringing two new kinds of cannabis-related businesses to the state. One of them would be a tasting room that can sell cannabis flower and cannabis products, and the other kind of business is a “marijuana hospitality establishment,” which really can’t sell any cannabis on-site, but does allow consumers to fully use the plant, even on a tour bus. The Centennial State is working on a new green rush as it continues to expand cannabis legislation.

So far, none of the city officials in Denver have declared their stances on the matter, but it seems to be laws are in favor of cannabis legislation if businesses meet certain standards. With this bill, location can apply for a license at their local municipalities, which is in part intended by this bill to grant local governments where and how these businesses operate. The cost for running such businesses can go from $1,000 for just the hospitality business and $5,000 for a retail hospitality and sales operation. There is one thing to consider, though – these licenses exclude the facility from getting a liquor license in the same business.

Shannon Gray, spokeswoman for Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, referred to the matter, stating, “We have a rich history of home rule in Colorado, and this legislation is no different.” She added, “It’s up to local jurisdictions to decide if they want this within their borders.” This is an attempt to tackle the current lack of public places where residents and especially tourist can consume the plant since there were no regulations, people tend to find other creative ways to do so.