Colorado introduces new rules for the cannabis vaping segment

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The goal is to provide another layer of safety to cannabis consumers

Colorado will now require testing of the vapor from cannabis oil and other cannabis concentrate products. On Friday, Colorado regulators made public the new regulations, stating that companies in the cannabis industry will need to test the vapor emissions and not just the cannabis oil. This is a bid deal because the companies now will be forced to test the vapor by-product created by the devices, which is what the consumers are inhaling, which should make vaping safer in the future.

The new rules will reinforce consumer safety guidelines adopted since last year’s outbreak of the vaping-related lung disease dubbed EVALI by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The announcement commended by cannabis industry representatives in the state and around the country. “We applaud the collaborative efforts between industry stakeholders and our regulatory bodies. Emissions testing of vaporizer cartridges maintains Colorado as a leader in cannabis testing. Such forward-thinking policy continues to protect the safety of patients and consumers.

Our membership is eager to implement the new testing standards, and further drive quality throughout the supply chain.” said Kevin Gallagher, the executive director and founder of the Colorado Cannabis Manufacturers Association.

Testing of the vapor created is “a common-sense evolution,” according to Echo Rufer, Ph.D., DABT, Head of Biocompatibility and Toxicology for California-based PAX Labs. “We’re pleased to see Colorado continue to adopt industry-leading cannabis policy, grounded in research and science,” Rufer said.

The Journal of the American Heart Association recently published a study suggesting EVALI could be caused by metals contained in e-cigarette and vaporizer products.