Colorado could prohibit casino/marijuana operations mix

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Colorado Gaming Commission pushes to keep casinos and marijuana separate

The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission (CLGCC) has introduced resolutions that are designed to keep casino operators in the state from “any involvement with the marijuana industry.” They would also prohibit anyone in the marijuana industry from entering the casino space.

According to the commission’s proposal, no casino licensee could obtain a marijuana license or contract with or maintain a business relationship with any individual, entity or establishment that sells, cultivates or distributes cannabis. The licensees would also be prohibited from receiving any type of financing by anyone involved in the cannabis industry.

The stance is similar to that seen in Nevada. According to Nevada’s Gaming Control Board, “[T]he Board does not believe investment or any other involvement in a medical marijuana facility or establishment by a person who has received a gaming approval or has applied for a gaming approval is consistent with the effective regulation of gaming . . . the Board believes that any such investment or involvement by gaming licensees or applicants would tend to reflect discredit upon gaming in the State of Nevada.”

The implications are far-reaching and need to monitored accordingly. While the proposals have not been officially implemented, they offer a broad range of controls that could have serious legal consequences if not followed.