Colorado BBB now tracking marijuana companies

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The move is one more example of the legitimization of the marijuana industry

The marijuana industry continues to advance, albeit sometimes at a snail’s pace. The latest example of the “legitimization of marijuana” comes out of Denver, CO, supported by the Greater Denver Better Business Bureau (BBB) deciding to begin accrediting cannabis companies.

The BBB has partnered with Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) to help lead the accreditation efforts. As with businesses from all other industries, marijuana companies will be rated on a scale and will allow approved companies to use its logo when they meet the bureau’s “Eight Standards of Trust.”

According to the president and CEO of the Greater Denver BBB, Kim States, “It is BBB’s role to help people find businesses they can trust. In the greater Denver and central Colorado community, the cannabis industry makes up a significant portion of our economy, and it is critical for us to promote self-regulation and marketplace trust within this industry.”

In response to the partnership, MED Executive Director Mike Hartman added, “MED shares BBB’s commitment to protecting consumers in Colorado by setting standards for marketplace trust and protecting public health and safety of all Coloradans. This is another way to better serve the people of Colorado.”

The Greater Denver BBB has already profiled a couple of local cannabis companies. In its press release, it featured Sweet Mary Jane and Mountain High Suckers, two marijuana edibles manufacturers that are seeking accreditation. It also highlighted the Bgood dispensary chain, which claims to be the first vertically integrated company in the country’s cannabis industry to become a BBB member.