Coconut caramels infused with cannabis

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Break out this cannabis recipe to enjoy with the NFL games this weekend

Making cannabis-infused candies seem like getting the best of both worlds. Everyone loves caramels and giving them a good shot of cannabis oil or butter can turn them into something special to share with your adult friends. They work well as after-dinner candies, as well.

These little jewels are a breeze to make given that you already have the cannabis-infused butter, olive oil or coconut oil prepared to use. That in itself can be a separate project that you can undertake when you have the time and equipment. The caramels themselves are simplicity itself to make. Just keep them away from the kids.

Note that this is a basic recipe that accommodates additional flavorings such as orange zest, chopped chocolate, chopped nuts, cacao or even freshly brewed coffee.

Experiment for yourselves.

First, line a dry bread loaf pan with parchment paper.

In a small, heavy-bottom pot combine: 1 cup coconut sugar, 1 tablespoon of cannabis coconut oil, 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 1/8 cup of filtered water, 1/8 teaspoon real salt or sea salt.

Combine and stir well all ingredients over medium heat until it reaches 240° F on a candy thermometer. Watch closely and do not allow to boil. Once the temperature is reached, remove the pot from the heat and stir in ½ teaspoon of (organic) vanilla extract.

Quickly pour hot caramel into the lined bread loaf pan. Do not touch. Have a heatproof plastic spatula handy to get all of the ‘goody’ out of the pot. Cool for 15 minutes on a rack and place in the refrigerator for at least one hour to overnight.

Caramel will be sticky but will hold together when rolled or molded. Cut into 12 pieces and roll into parchment paper so that they resemble little joints. Keep covered in the refrigerator until ready to serve.