Colorado to introduce marijuana game show to educate teenagers

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“Weeded Out” explores all angles of marijuana use

In what could be a first for the industry, a marijuana game show has been launched in Colorado. While it probably is a shocker to conservatives, the game show is actually designed for teenagers.

“Weeded Out” is a new game show that was introduced by the city of Denver. The idea is to provide a friendly, relaxed format that can provide marijuana education to teenagers. The game show provides facts on marijuana use, health and policy issues and other facets related to the growing marijuana ecosystem.

The game show is funded by tax revenue Denver earns from cannabis sales. It is part of a larger project implemented by the city that seeks to provide a large educational platform in order to reduce cannabis use among teenagers. Weeded Out takes neither a pro- nor anti-marijuana stance, choosing, instead, to simply concentrate on the facts.

In practice, however, some feel that the show’s goal and presentation may not be aligned. They point out that Weeded Out doesn’t go far enough to highlight the medical benefits of marijuana.

High school senior Hana Elghoul said, “It’s not properly balanced. I think they are afraid to tell us the good side, just because they think it might influence the way with think. They might encourage us to use it.”

A number of teachers who have watched the program agree. Vince Trujillo, a teacher at North High School, stated, “I think at the end of the day, they want the whole truth. If you were able to bring both sides, I think more students would be in tune with that.”