Clinical trials for cannabis in treating menstrual cramps begin

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Initial indications show positive results in using marijuana to relieve menstrual cramps

Throughout their lives, women look for ways to reduce or eliminate menstrual pain. The most common solution is to take some type of over-the-counter or medically prescribed pain reliever. However, menstrual pain can be counteracted with non-typical methods that can be an alternative to the continued and naturalized use of painkillers. HempStreet is aware of this and that is why it has started different clinical trials to evaluate how cannabis-based medications are effective in treating menstrual pain.

The firm announced yesterday that it is conducting several year-long studies to help women suffering from various menstrual-related conditions, such as primary dysmenorrhea. The trials are being conducted with the help of the Amrita School of Ayurveda.

HempStreet says it plans to use this randomized controlled trial for the purpose of studying and evaluating the analgesic effect of cannabis-based medications. Primary dysmenorrhea is a condition characterized by painful menstrual cramps in the lower abdominal region. Experts in this company believe that cannabis could be the solution to this condition.

“Established in 2019, HempStreet has been leveraging the growing popularity of the ancient science of Ayurveda to manufacture ‘natural relief’ products from cannabis to treat chronic pain and menstrual health,” the company stated yesterday. “HempStreet intends to generate robust evidence supporting the benefits of Ayurvedic treatments through these clinical trials on 60 volunteers.”

Through blood, urine, and USG tests, the volunteers will be thoroughly examined. The double-arm randomized controlled trial will enroll women aged 14 to 40 years with primary dysmenorrhea and those with regular menstrual periods lasting 21 to 35 days and menses lasting three to seven days.