Childproof marijuana package law could come to California

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Brownies are becoming too attractive to youngsters

Marijuana edibles form one of the fastest growing markets of the marijuana ecosystem. There is virtually nothing that can’t be turned into a marijuana-infused snack and the most popular – the one that probably started it all – is the brownie. Now, however, some believe that edibles are becoming too attractive and California is one of the most recent states that is said to be considering legislation that would force all edibles to be delivered in childproof packaging.

While there has not yet been a specific bill introduced to tackle the subject, childproof packaging is beginning to garner a lot of attention. A number of children have already become seriously ill and some have even come close to dying. A lot of jurisdictions already have controls over how marijuana is stored, but without legislation in place to regulate the industry, the controls only go so far.

The California Department of Public Health currently only requires that cannabis packaging be re-sealable, opaque and tamper evident. Labeling cannot refer to the edible as candy, nor can it be attractive to children. However, leave a brownie on a kitchen counter at home and anything is possible.

The marijuana industry has tried to introduce measures to better protect children from accessing products, but it’s only a matter of time before the state steps in and orders better protection. Much the same way a number of products harmful to children must be kept out of their reach, marijuana edibles have to be given the same consideration.