Chicago college adds its name to the list of schools offering cannabis degrees

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Olive-Harvey College is helping advance cannabis education in the US

More and more universities nationwide are entering into cannabis programs to provide their students with a higher level of knowledge in the industry. Illinois is one of 19 states, along with DC, to approve recreational marijuana. This has led to its famous city of Chicago becoming more interested. Specifically, Olive-Harvey College, located in The Windy City, now offers its student community an “associate degree in cannabis studies,” recognizing that legalized marijuana is a trend that should be increasingly experienced.

When different states, such as California and Colorado, legalized marijuana years ago, the sales gains were almost immediate. This clearly could not have been ignored by Illinois lawmakers.

Starting in 2020, Chicago welcomed legal cannabis sales, and taxes were so high that the City was able to survive a collapse during the early stages of the pandemic. So, it’s nothing new then that Olive-Harvey College in Chicago is excited to unveil its new title related to the ever-growing industry.

“The new pathway promises to support students as they pursue an Associate degree in Cannabis Studies, a degree that often leads to high-demand jobs that include cannabis consultants, dispensary operators, cannabis extraction technicians, grow masters, and more, all of which have the potential to be high-paying careers.” assures the press conference.

Having programs like these not only helps the industry in general but also prepares thousands of students to make a living from growing. Too much money is now bringing home livelihoods from legal cannabis businesses in different states.