Chefs share their secret marijuana strains

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Culinary experts weigh in on which strains are their personal favorites

Now that marijuana is taking its rightful place in society, it is being found in an increasing number of industries. Most notably, the food and drink industry is going to be the fastest-growing segment for marijuana-infused delights and chefs have been dabbling in the kitchen to find the perfect recipes. However, the chefs don’t just appreciate marijuana for what it adds to their dishes; they also have their own personal preferences for daily use.

According to Travis Petersen, who appeared on MasterChef Canada in 2016, used marijuana for anxiety before looking at how it could be incorporated into his dishes. His first infused success came when he served 164 guests in four days. Personally, he prefers sativa strains, but is also a firm believer in cannabidiol (CBD) for cooking. He has even made a CBD-based broth and THC-infused noodles to boost his immune system when suffering from the flu.

Ebeni Skinner, a chef from Prince Edward Island, has always been around food. She began using cannabis for ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and uses Gather, which is offered by Solei, which she began using after having exclusively smoked Girl Scout Cookies.

John MacNeil found his passion for food at an early age when he would visit markets with his father. After becoming a chef, he was diagnosed with anxiety and would often find himself suffering from insomnia. He turned to marijuana, on the advice of a physician, and has a preference for DelaHaze and Jack Herer. For making edibles, he relies on Pink Kush. He has even introduced his own edibles line, retreat Edibles.

Being a chef is a stressful job. However, marijuana can help overcome the rigors of the kitchen bustle.