Certain colors, shapes of marijuana packaging banned in Washington

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Washington enforces marijuana packaging guidelines

This past October, Washington regulators expressed some concern over the packaging that was used for the marijuana edibles industry. It went so far as to ban certain gummies and candies before rescinding the ban at the end of the month. Now, it is looking to provide more guidance to the edibles industry and has introduced a new ban, but only on certain colors and shapes.

The purpose of the controls is to prevent edibles from being visually appealing to children. The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) has released a new policy designed to “further clarify the procedures and processes for packaging, labeling, and product decisions for marijuana-infused edible products” and will now only permit a limited variety of options for the edibles.

The WSLCB has published an approved list of colors and shapes on its website, and only those listed are authorized. A “white or cream background” that has black or brown lettering and as many as three accent colors from the board’s approved list will be permitted. A “grey or black background” with white or brown lettering and as many as three accent colors will also be permitted, as will a “tan or brown background” with black or white lettering and as many as three accent colors. All three options will allow a percentage or gradient of the approved color, which will be counted as a single color.

There is an exception to the color rule. Full-color photos or photos using the approved accent colors will be allowed.

Clear packaging and company logos will also be allowed. The WSLCB will maintain a list on its website of all allowable logo displays.

The board indicates that the new rules may not be enforced for all companies until January 2020.