CBD water is becoming popular due to its health benefits

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CBD beverages are on the rise as a healthy alternative to conventional wellness solutions

The legal hemp industry and its cannabidiol (CBD) products started to grow in popularity once people began to discover all the potential benefits they could have on a person’s health. Ever since then, the market has been getting filled with more and new products that include CBD as the main ingredient, with some becoming more popular than others. This also applies to the wellness industry and one of those products is CBD water, which could be a great product for those people dealing with pandemic-induced anxiety.

CBD is mostly compatible with oil, not water, so there is a technology behind this product in order to make it soluble in water-based components. Typically speaking, companies used nanoemulsion technology that lowers the surface tension of the water by breaking it into very small molecules. “It makes the molecules in the water less likely to stick to themselves and more likely to interact with the oil,” explains Jamie Evans, founder of The Herb Somm. “By agitating the mixture together, the CBD that’s in the drink is broken down into microscopic droplets, which prevents the oil from separating. This process helps CBD be more easily absorbed by the body.” This process removes the need of shaking constantly, so it seems more beneficial to buy CBD water rather than trying a homemade recipe.

For those who are wondering if it’s better to go for CBD water or CBD oil first, it is all about a personal choice. “One benefit to the water is that it may have a higher bioavailability rate,” Evans added, explaining that, since the body is 60% water, it might be better absorbed in the body than the oil.