CBD use to be a more creative artist

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The calming effects of CBD could help artists to tap their creative juices

Cannabidiol (CBD) has already been shown to help reduce anxiety and stress, helping many people overcome phobias related to social interaction and to help them sleep better. CBD has calming effects that make everyday activities some see as a struggle easier, and could also help produce a more creative mind for artists.

Amy Duncan, the founder and CEO of California-based wellness company Mowellens, explains that CBD has helped her become more creative. She explains, “One idea was now leading to another not-so-obviously related idea on a flurry of imaginative, original thought.” She compared the experience to what neurologist call hyper-priming, a term that describes a person’s ability to establish a connection between concepts that don’t seem to have any relationship.

This may seem to some like a far-fetched idea, but to others it’s an already proven fact. Many consumers talk about how marijuana has helped them loosen up, which is always a precursor to becoming less inhibitive and more open to new ideas.

Dr. Peter Grinspoon, a primary care physician who specializes in medical cannabis, knows that CBD can help reduce anxiety, eliminate pain and help individuals suffering from anxiety issues. He asserts, “If it helps you sleep, that will help you with your creativity because you need sleep to help your brain function. So, I’d say as an adjunct, if it really does help with anxiety and sleep, it will help with brain function better.”

The next time you want to paint a picture or compose a short story, perhaps trying a little CBD will help the creative juices flow.