CBD topicals offer a great deal of benefits for improved health

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Applying CBD topical creams and oils to the skin provide an array of advantages

Topical products are cosmetic and skincare products designed to be applied directly to the skin. Topical cannabidiol (CBD) products harness the power of this non-psychotropic compound to soothe the skin, nourish our largest organ and possibly improve its appearance.

Many CBD skincare products are marketed to reduce redness, relieve dryness and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Research on topical CBD products is examining their relationship to certain dermatological conditions, and some companies have obtained medical device status for their products. Today, a wide variety of CBD skin products are available. Some contain cannabidiol as the main ingredient, while others combine this compound with other beneficial plant-based ingredients.

Among the most prominent today are the oils. CBD oils mix this cannabinoid with a carrier oil (such as olive oil or hemp seed oil). Oils offer great flexibility in application and can be used orally or topically. Some oils contain isolated CBD, while others contain a full-spectrum extract that includes terpenes and other cannabis phytochemicals.

CBD creams contain denser, heavier ingredients designed to moisturize the skin by forming a firm barrier, or lotions, which have a higher water content than creams. They are lighter, non-greasy and help keep skin hydrated throughout the day. Finally, there are also balms. Unlike creams and lotions, balms do not contain water. They are a solidified oil that melts onto the skin and serves a number of functions.

When applying CBD to the outer layer of the skin, the cannabidiol comes into contact with cells such as keratinocytes. Although CBD does not readily bind to cannabinoid receptors, it influences the endocannabinoid system indirectly. For example, it helps to preserve endocannabinoids such as anandamide by reducing the enzymes that break them down. Ongoing research continues to explore CBD’s role in skin health, especially as it relates to wound healing, itching, acne and even modulating hair growth.