CBD, THC and their benefits in combat sports

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Martial Arts meets marijuana

Marijuana can help provide a better workout experience, as has already been shown. In order to drive this point home, a recent event was held in Las Vegas to promote the use of cannabis, in particular, cannabidiol (CBD) as a preparation and healing tool for combat sports.

The Black Belt CBD Invitational was held last month, featuring competitions between a number of fighters, including former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champs Frank Mir and Forrest Griffin. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament was designed to promote cannabis, as well as a new line of CBD supplements offered by Black Belt CBD. The company offers everything from beef isolate protein to recovery rubs – 30 products in total and all infused with THC-free CBD.

Pain is a regular part of the routine for any athlete, but is particularly common among fighters. Mir has been a fighter since 2001 and used to take painkillers as if they were candy. However, everything changed when the 39-year-old started taking CBD. He explains, “I was skeptical at first. And then about two weeks into it, I felt like I was getting out of bed a bit easier. There’s no miracle cure, but if you seriously take (CBD) every day, you will notice a lot less inflammation and sleep better.”

Griffin shares the sentiment. He states, “I took Biaxin and Celebrex for years on and off. I don’t want to think about what I did to my liver and kidneys…I’m really big on organic and knowing where my food comes from. It’s the same with my CBD. I want to know what’s been sprayed on (the plant) and what’s been done to it.”

In addition to combatting pain, CBD can also reduce inflammation, control anxiety and help with the recovery following a workout. It is a great, natural alternative to laboratory chemicals that are proven to have a list of negative side effects. Before incorporating it into any workout, however, make sure you explore all aspects and know what levels will be most effective for your body.