CBD suppositories are gaining favor among physicians

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Doctor-approved cannabis extract suppositories are being used to treat a variety of ailments

While it may not be a comfortable subject to talk about, it is still one that deserves a significant amount of attention. Cannabis extract suppositories are attracting a lot of attention in the health community and are quickly gaining favor with a lot of physicians in order to treat symptoms related to a number of ailments, including epilepsy, chronic pain and even Crohn’s disease. In lieu of smoking, which could be detrimental to the lungs, and vaping that requires expensive equipment, suppositories are easy to administer and easy to properly dose.

Cannabidiol (CBD) suppositories are typically cocoa butter-encased capsules that contain the non-psychoactive compound. They offer a solution that works almost immediately and which is more effective than smoking. Lungs are not efficient at absorbing cannabis and the acids found in the stomach can reduce the intended impact meant to be received from consuming edibles. However, CBD suppositories do the job and do it well.

Mucous membranes found in the linings of the mouth, nose and rectum are exceptionally efficient at absorption. They transmit directly to the bloodstream and allow the full dose of CBD to be delivered as intended.

Previous studies have already shown that CBD suppositories can be more effective than orally-administered CBD. In 2012, the journal Pharmacology revealed that mice with colitis received greater relief when treated with suppositories than when given doses orally.

CBD suppositories may not be for everyone. However, for those that are considering CBD as a medical aid, they might just be the solution the doctor ordered.