CBD skin care products that work

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CBD skin care products are becoming more common, but some work better than others

As cannabidiol (CBD) began to be recognized for its health benefits – it’s known to relieve pain, inflammation, arthritis and many more afflictions – it also found a place in beauty and skin care products. Now, CBD oil is becoming one of the main ingredients in caring for the internal body, as well as the external, and there are some products that work better than others.

A lightweight facial oil offered by Kiehl’s is infused with cannabis sativa hemp-derived seed oil to calm the skin and reduce redness. It’s great for reducing the remnants of bacteria in the skin and can also help to clear acne. The company’s reputation speaks for itself – it has been around since 1851 and began as an apothecary.

If you want to get rid of stress lines (another way of saying look younger), Revitalixir Recover Serum is the best option. It offers a two-in-one treatment, with tiny spheres in the gel that include cannabis and paracress extract. It can help the skin reduce redness, won’t clog the pores and will keep the skin looking fresh and stress-free.

A new face mask infused with 50mg of CBD, lavender extract, honey and rosehip is garnering a lot of attention. The Kannamask Mask II can hydrate the skin and calm inflammation and is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.

Ste. Anne’s spa’s Beeswax Repair Salve is a potent CBD solution. It includes hem-derived CBD and chamomile and calendula oils combined with lavender oil for its antibacterial properties. It is perfect for treating bug bites, bruises, rashes and peeling skin.

While some people are still reluctant to acknowledge the benefits of CBD oil, science has already recognized its importance. CBD oil can help you look younger, healthier and fresher without resorting to laboratory chemicals.