CBD products for marathon runners

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Runners can find relief with these four products

Long-distance runners almost always end up with the same post-run symptoms – achy joints and muscles, inflammation, tightness and more. However, relief can be found easily before and after a 26-mile marathon by incorporating cannabidiol (CBD) to the training regime. Four key processes will allow runners to enhance their game.

Use CBD powder. Infuse it into a protein shake after a run and allow your muscles to recover, thanks to the benefits provided by both the protein and the CBD. Soreness and inflammation can be reduced quicker and there are a number of great-tasting flavors available.

For achy or tired feet, or even knee and joint pain, keep some CBD balm on hand. An oil-based CBD balm can be quickly absorbed into the skin, providing immediate relief where it’s needed most. Rub it on the knees, feet and hamstrings, or anywhere else that is tight, after a run and you’ll be in optimum shape in no time. It also works on blisters and chapped skin.

Coconut water, infused with CBD, of course, is a great way to rehydrate after a run. By itself, coconut water offers a plentiful amount of electrolytes, but when it’s combined with CBD, the entire body can recover quicker.

For some runners, especially if injured during a run, it might take days or weeks to make a full recovery. Using a CBD cream on muscles and joints will help them relax, helping the healing process occur quicker. Since most are infused with menthol, they will also offer a cooling effect, making the recovery even more pleasant.