CBD pre-rolls gaining favor as an alternative to tobacco

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CBD and hemp are taking over the smokeable market, with less negative side effects

Cannabidiol (CBD) is quickly becoming a favorite as the market continues to expand and more positive uses are found for the natural plant. One particular area that could see a huge boost – or drop off, depending on the point of view – is tobacco. CBD pre-rolls are becoming the alternative for cigarette smokers and provide a natural option without the nasty side effects associated with tobacco.

Hemp Garden is a store in Manhattan that offers CBD flowers, topical, vape oils and other CBD-based products. Its CEO, Tia Tagliaferro, says, “We have people coming in on their lunch breaks, buying pre-rolls to smoke, whether it’s for anxiety or for quitting cigarettes.” CBD pre-rolls provide the same outlet to a cigarette smoker that tobacco and nicotine do – mainly, the ability to calm down and focus – but doesn’t damage the body.

Tagliaferro further asserts, “Because CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, it’s a regulation tool that will bring the body back to homeostasis. It will help with sleeping, anxiety, and bring you back to a calm state — which is why people turn to cigarettes in the first place, they’re looking for an outlet for their stress.”

According to a recent article published in Addiction magazine, “cannabidiol reverses attentional bias to cigarette cues in…tobacco withdrawal.” The results came from a study of smokers who abstained from cigarettes for a night, and found that CBD helped to reduce the strength of smoking triggers.

Chandni Hindocha, a researcher involved in the study, believes that they have only scratched the surface. She said, “Cannabidiol can reduce some aspects of nicotine withdrawal in dependent cigarette smokers, which include the attentional bias to and liking of drug cues, but did not affect craving withdrawal, cognition or impulsivity associated with withdrawal. This is likely because we gave people a single dose of the drug.”