CBD powder turns virtually anything into an edible

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Stillwater’s CBD powder is the perfect solution for kitchen experiments

There are a lot of off-the-shelf edibles options available today made from cannabidiol (CBD). Everything from chocolates to candies and from beer to sparkling water infused with CBD are now being distributed. For those that prefer to dabble in the kitchen and want to try making their own products, CBD powder could be just the ingredient they’re looking for.

Stillwater Brands, based in Colorado, makes a CBD powder that targets a different type of cannabis edibles consumers. The powder is designed for those that like to experiment, providing a safe, consistent and predictable way to create cannabis dishes. Ripple, a water-soluble powder, has turned into a very popular seller and Stillwater indicates that its full effects can be felt within 15 minutes. That quick turnaround gives budding chefs and kitchen fans the ability to rapidly determine if their concoction is working and if it needs to be tweaked.

The CBD powder could prove to be a main ingredient with a number of manufacturers. Companies such as Molson Coors, Constellation Brands and more have been contemplating the introduction of their own CBD-infused products, which could be made easier with the powder.

In fact, Stillwater has already struck a number of important deals for Ripple. The company distributes its product to two food manufacturers and “five to ten” small clients in the U.S. It is also partnered with a major cannabis company in Canada.

Stillwater could be sitting on a cannabis goldmine. If the Farm Bill passes in the U.S. as is expected, the ability to offer CBD products nationwide could proceed immediately on the bill’s approval.