CBD oils have a new ally in the kitchen

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CBD oil infusion appliance allows cooks to create cannabis cuisine at home

There has been a rise in home kitchen products lately, such as pop-up dinners and farm-to-table meals, that offer a variety of options to allow individuals to incorporate cannabis into their dishes. One in particular, however, could be extremely beneficial as it allows cooks of any skill level to infuse CBD oil directly into any recipe.

Levo is an appliance that makes it easy to infuse oil and butter from dry cannabis flower into the preparation of virtually any dish. It is only about the same size as a home-brew coffee maker, so it won’t take up much space on the counter. But, it packs an extreme amount of power into its size. It is a great way to maintain an organic diet and help treat certain ailments. In fact, the appliance’s founder and CEO, Christina Bellman, came up with the idea after discovering CBD to treat a knee injury.

Bellman explains of the cannabis trend, “The cannabis industry is in the shadow of the natural foods space. Just as people started to become more aware of additives in foods, consumers are caring more and more about the integrity of ingredients in infused products…People are beginning to using cannabis to enhance different taste and flavor profiles. We are coming to understand that the marriage of culinary and cannabis can be an immersive experience.”

Levo was tested early on by Monica Lo, a cannabis chef known better by her nickname, Sous Weed. Lo explains, “If you live in a legal state, you are probably experiencing higher prices due to new licensing costs and taxes. Edibles, oils and tinctures are getting increasingly expensive, which means people are finding it difficult to get the medicine in the prices and specific dosages they need. It’s one of the many reasons why more and more people are starting to make their own edibles.”

The appliance isn’t just for CBD. It can be used to infuse other ingredients, like citrus, basil, lavender, vanilla and virtually anything else a chef may want to try.