CBD oil, sugar-free diet reportedly cures brain tumor

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A terminally-ill cancer patient turns to cannabis and finds a cure

A 39-year-old mother of two in the UK had been diagnosed with incurable tumors on her brain, lungs, and abdomen. The diagnosis came after having already suffered from breast cancer, which she was successfully able to eradicate from her body. Not convinced that chemotherapy alone would help in treating the masses, she decided to incorporate cannabidiol (CBD) oil and lower her sugar intake, which she attributes to the elimination of cancer and a return to a healthy life.

In her most recent CT scans, the brain cancer has completely disappeared and the other tumors are shrinking. She asserts, “My doctor says what has happened is extremely rare. I’m convinced that my diet and the cannabis oil are responsible. The chemotherapy that I have had doesn’t target brain tumors so as far as I’m concerned there can’t be any other explanation. There are no words; it’s fantastic, it’s amazing, it was so incredible to get my scan results.”

There have yet to be any scientific studies on a large scale that can support the cancer sufferer’s faith in CBD. However, there has been some anecdotal support. Several limited studies have shown that cannabis could definitely help to fight cancer, and there are also personal stories to boost the idea.

As for the patient who has been able to rid her body of cancer, she adds, “I honestly believe the cannabis oil and diet has helped get rid of my brain cancer and is shrinking the other tumors. I would never advocate using just cannabis oil and not following the treatment programme prescribed by the doctors, but patients should be able to access medicinal cannabis in a safe way.”