CBD oil helps cancer sufferer remove tumors

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Scans prove that a patient’s cancerous tumors shrunk after CBD oil treatment

An 81-year old cancer sufferer in the UK refused to submit his body to dangerous chemotherapy treatment and opted for another solution. He decided to take cannabidiol (CBD) oil for three months in an effort to rid his lungs of tumors and the results are more important than what could ever be produced in a lab – the tumors shrunk.

The octogenarian had already dealt with prostate cancer, about 15 years earlier, and wasn’t willing to go through painful and debilitating chemotherapy again. He was being treated by doctors at the Royal Stoke University Hospital who kept meticulous CT scans of the man’s lungs, and the tumorous masses were shown to be shrinking throughout the course of his treatment. When the growths were first discovered, they measured approximately 2.5×2.5cm; two months later, they had grown to 2.7×2.8cm.

In November 2017, a year after the tumors were discovered and three months into treatment with CBD oil, the masses were significantly smaller – measuring just 1.3×0.6cm.

The unidentified man became the subject of a medical journal in the UK. Some of the masses shrunk and others, mainly on his lymph nodes, disappeared completely.

A drug researcher from the University of York not involved in the treatment, Ian Hamilton, explains that the case is extremely important. He states, “This single case study adds to several that offer some promise in the use of CBD products in the treatment of cancer… It will need a larger randomised control trial, which would help distinguish how much is down to the placebo effect.”

The trials are needed and they’re needed quickly. With the increased evidence – and picture proof – that cannabis can help effectively treat cancer, there is most likely an entire world of cancer sufferers willing to participate.