CBD-infused donuts are here

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Will they eventually make their way to Dunkin Donuts?

All kinds of edibles are now being developed that are infused with cannabidiol (CBD) and an American staple is being added to the list. CBD-infused donuts are now available thanks to a baker in Tampa, FL and come in two mouthwatering flavors – Matcha Honeycomb and Goji Berry Coconut. This is only the beginning.

The Matcha donut includes layers of vanilla fondant icing and is topped with a honeycomb to make it even more of a treat. The Goji Berry donut is drenched in goji berry vanilla fondant icing and has freeze-dried goji berries and a dash of frozen coconut added on top for additional flavor. In both cases, the bland flavor of the CBD oil is more than offset by the sweetness added.

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) may not yet know how to proceed with CBD, but this isn’t stopping the cannabis community from continuing to innovate with new products. The agency can offer its guidelines, but, as long as retailers aren’t making outlandish claims, there isn’t much the FDA can do. At some point, the FDA will catch up with the real world and realize what cannabis enthusiasts already know – there’s nothing wrong with the cannabis compound.

The donuts are currently being offered at the bakery’s shop on South MacDill Ave. Not cheap compared to the other options – they carry a price tag of $6 – other flavors, as well as CBD-infused beverages, are coming, as well. Cannabis opponents continue to fight a losing battle and CBD is inarguably going to come out on top.