CBD drive-thru coming to Vermont

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The first drive-thru CBD window is being opened in Brattleboro

These days, there are drive-thru services for virtually anything – fast food, pharmacies, dry cleaning, the list goes on. It only makes sense, then, that a drive-thru service for cannabis would be made available. Someone is on the right track and has now opened Vermont’s first cannabis drive-thru.

The service is offered by Ceres Natural Remedies, a company based in the state that creates and sells products containing hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). Ceres has opened the drive-thru in a former bank in Brattleboro that it has contracted under lease.

It is now possible to buy a variety of CBD-based products in the drive-thru and soon, medical THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) products will be offered, as well. The company’s director of product development, Bridget Conry, asserts, “One of the reasons we [opened the drive-thru] is that access and convenience is really important to us. We really want to normalize the shopping experience for THC and CBD products and give people the experience they have in other retail environments.”

Ceres is in the process of introducing an online ordering system, which will more than likely lead to even more traffic than the drive-thru is currently experiencing. Given that the location is a former bank, it was perfect for launching a cannabis drive-thru service.

While it may be the first drive-thru in the region, it isn’t the first in the country. Florida already has a cannabis drive-thru and others are expected to be launched around the U.S. going forward. Massachusetts is expected to see them soon if lawmakers give their approval.