CBD company claiming ties to Clint Eastwood now faces his wrath

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The Hollywood celebrity isn’t happy his name and likeness were used without his permission

The veteran actor, director and celebrity Clint Eastwood is prepared to defend himself in court against multiple claims that said that he stopped making movies to sell cannabidiol (CBD) products, as well as against a few online scams that are using his name. The 90-year-old actor filed a lawsuit today due to the fraudulent use of his name to sell CBD-based products and false claims about his current activities. He alleges that his name and likeness are being used by online scammers to promote the sale of CBD oil, gummies and other products.

“Mr. Eastwood does not have, and never has had, any association with the manufacture, promotion, and/or sale of any CBD products,” the lawsuit states. In the first filing, the document mentions an online news article on a website that shows a false interview where the actor reveals that he has been working on the development of a new CBD line, which is the reason he is “stepping away from the spotlight to put more time into his wellness business.” It is hard to think that Eastwood would be behind a cannabis company when he actually rarely endorses anything, added the lawsuit. The document also claimed that he “does not express a point of view about CBD products or the legitimate CBD industry.”

There is a second lawsuit focusing on the use of a series of programming codes that have been created to add Eastwood’s name into some online searches for CBD products in an illegal way. Both lawsuits alleged defamation, trademark infringements and even invasion of privacy, and are seeking compensation for damages and injunctions. “My client is not one to sit idly by as the defendants use his good name to dupe customers into purchasing products with which he has no affiliation,” said Eastwood’s lawyer Jordan Susman in a statement.