CBD chewing gum is now a reality in the medical marijuana space

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The cannabis-based supplement is helping give the industry a push

One of the aspects that make cannabidiol (CBD) such a useful supplement is that it can be added to any everyday product. Now, companies are making simple chewing gums infused with CBD extracts. Entourage Health is looking out for the well-being of consumers, which is why it has unveiled a new CBD gum, available to Starseed Medicinal patients on the company’s medical platform.

Many experts say that chewing CBD gum is a good way to obtain its properties since it is absorbed through the capillaries under the tongue, directly into the bloodstream. These products work quickly and offer a discreet method of consuming CBD. Adding CBD to chewing gum may seem redundant at first, but if you think about it, it is a great way to use CBD.

Entourage’s new gum has been designed to provide a quick onset of CBD with 20 mg per unit (200 mg per pack). The company has been collaborating with NordicCan to bring these marijuana-infused gums made with CBD isolate to life. In addition to being sugar-free, the gum is naturally flavored with lemon, mint and eucalyptus. This means that the consumer can enjoy a controlled release of cannabinoids in a comfortable, discreet, and delicious way.

“Our commitment to developing innovative product formulations has led us to engage with industry partners as part of our ongoing commitment to meet the varied and evolving needs of our patients,” stated George Scorsis, CEO and executive chairman. “The introduction of CBD gum allows us to enhance the patient experience with a consistent line of products.”