CBD can help prevent hair loss

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Cannabis could help men and women from going bald

One of the most featured aspects of human appearance is the hair and, as such, there has been a fight for years against hair loss. After a period of experiencing itchiness in the scalp, it can lead to hair loss if not treated on time. Everyone wants healthy, shiny hair, so having to accept hair loss is difficult for anyone. Cannabidiol (CBD) oils or other products like cannabis edibles can be a good option to treat an itchy scalp and the subsequent hair loss.

Some hair loss every day is perfectly normal; however, when the scalp suffers from other factors, like dandruff or oily and itchy scalp, it makes it fall even faster. Also, the hair can become thinner and drier, so the hair follicles won’t grow healthy. CBD can help maintain healthy hair by providing basic acids and Vitamin-E to promote s healthy scalp. These two compounds prevent water loss, giving hair a softer texture. Vitamin-E also prevents dandruff from accumulating in the scalp. With the Omega 3,6 and 9 that CBD contains, the scalp tissue will grow strong and the follicles will grow faster, as well as preventing it from breaking.

In a way, chronic inflammation has a negative effect on healthy hair growth and that’s something that CBD has been helping with for a while now. Moreover, CBD can potentially reach the sebaceous glands, so they are better lubricated. Since CBD stimulates good blood circulation, so the blood flow will improve in the scalp, ensuring better nutrients delivered to hair follicles.