CBD can be beneficial after getting a new tattoo

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Use CBD-infused creams to keep that tattoo clean and fresh looking

Anyone who is into skin ink knows the importance of protecting the new artwork as soon as its done. While most people use hand lotions and antibiotic creams to keep the tattoos from becoming infected, there is now a “new” option that is just as effective – cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is capable of healing the skin and also contains anti-inflammatory properties to control the “Braille” feeling of a new tattoo. There are products already on the market that are targeting the tattoo industry, such as Nurse Mary J. CBD-infused balms. There are also sticks, creams and sprays that can help ensure the ink heals quickly and evenly, allowing the tattoo to keep its fresh look.

According to Elisha Belden, a writer with tattoo.com, CBD is the “hottest thing in aftercare.” She adds, “The compound functions as a powerful anti-inflammatory. This helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. As your skin experiences severe trauma during the tattoo process, having a product which reduces these symptoms is vital.”

That position is echoed by tattoo artist Matt Marcus in New York. He hasn’t begun to offer CBD aftercare products yet, but a number of his customers have indicated that they have seen positive responses from CBD for their new artwork. Marcus states, “I think CBD is useful for everything. As an anti-inflammatory it will take down inflammation caused by the tattoo process. CBD also interacts with pain receptors in the brain, which can help create a pain relief for a lot of people. It also is known to prevent or delay cell damage, which is also good for the distress your body will go through. On top of all of those benefits, I also think that CBD works additionally as a placebo effect for people. Most people underestimate the power of the mind and its ability to put themselves mind over matter.”

Another possible benefit of CBD for tattoos is its pain-killing capabilities. Perhaps most useful for those who have been too scared to get a tattoo over (unfounded) fears of it being painful, they could turn to CBD before going under the needle to endure the process a little more comfortably.