CBD benefits for senior citizens

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Senior citizens are creating a loyal base for CBD

The natural components found in cannabidiol (CBD) are increasingly found to be beneficial for treating a number of ailments. CBD offers anti-inflammatories, pain relievers, anxiety control and a long list of other positive characteristics – all without the use of laboratory-fabricated chemicals. These positive traits are helping CBD find a large and loyal fan base, senior citizens.

CBD, whether administered through edibles, oils, tinctures or any of its other forms, can help to reduce and often eliminate anxiety, depression and chronic pain. It can also significantly cut muscle and joint pain, which not only alleviates the pain, but allows individuals to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This ability to regain one’s independence leads to a better state of mind, lowered chances of depression and a generally improved life.

How CBD works is fascinating and would require a significant amount of time. However, one of its primary characteristics is its ability to boost the levels of anandamide, a neurotransmitter in the brain that promotes feelings of happiness and relaxation. In seniors, anandamide levels are reduced due to the fatty acid amide hydrolase enzyme and this enzyme is countered by CBD to curb the degradation of anandamide.

CBD can be very useful in helping seniors get a good night’s sleep. Those that suffer from recurring sleep problems or insomnia can use just a small dose of CBD to help produce a calming and relaxing effect that will improve the quantity – and quality – of sleep.

While these traits are important, what makes CBD stand out even more from pharma drugs is that it doesn’t have any harmful side effects and is non-addictive. The same can definitely not be said of lab-based alternatives.