Carson City, NV, approves ban on cannabis lounges

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The city becomes the first to ban the lounges after Nevada approved them last month

It didn’t take long for the Carson City Board of Supervisors to use a new law that allows them to ban business licenses for marijuana lounges. The measure received the go-ahead yesterday, making the city the first local government to attempt to enact such a ban after Nevada lawmakers passed a bill allowing salon legalization earlier this year.

Carson City, not entirely in agreement with the legalization of cannabis lounges, decided to put its cards on the table and has made sure they won’t come to the city. This legislation, which was approved with bipartisan support and signed by Governor Steve Sisolak, opens the door for the state to create independent marijuana lounges or connect them to previously established dispensaries.

However, sometime after the bill was introduced and nearly finalized, Assemblyman Steve Yeager, who was in charge of the legislation, included a late amendment, giving local governments the opportunity to ban these lounges if they wished. Yesterday morning, the Carson City Supervisors took up that amendment and after receiving a 4-1 vote in favor of the ban, the lounges will not be able to be part of the city. A second vote still needs to be taken for the law to be formalized, but it is very likely that the same position will be maintained. That second vote will likely be held within the next month, according to Mayor Lori Bagwell, who is in favor of the ban.

“We are very concerned about our youth, about the message we are sending. The more it (marijuana) proliferates, the harder it is to keep the message with our youth that you shouldn’t do it,” Bagwell added.

While many leaders in various parts of the country are in favor of marijuana, there are others who simply can’t accept it yet.