Carpinteria, California votes against personal outdoor marijuana cultivation

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The City Council voted unanimously on the topic this past Monday

Marijuana enthusiasts in Carpinteria, California got a little bit of bad news following a city council meeting this past Monday. The council agreed unanimously to ban outdoor recreational marijuana grows, with all 5 city councils members opposing the measure. With the results conclusive, all marijuana cultivation will have to take place indoors within city limits.

California allows individuals to grow up to six marijuana plants for personal use, but Carpinteria is forcing them to all be kept behind closed doors. The city is hoping to counter concerns that the smell of cannabis could be found offensive to some. One area resident, Mike Wondolowski, asserted, “WE have enormous odor issues.”

According to reports, the majority of the cannabis odor wafting through the air comes from grow houses in unincorporated areas around the city. Wondolowski added, “There’s absolutely no evidence that there would be no odor issues” associated with outdoor cultivation.

Additionally, the City Council agreed to prohibit retail storefronts, vending machines and drive-throughs, as well as all outdoor commercial cannabis activity. This includes outdoor storage, manufacturing and processing. It also agreed to prohibit commercial nurseries and cultivation.

The city will, however, allow lab testing, provided the facilities receive approval by Carpinteria’s Planning Commission. Commercial cannabis distribution, non-storefront retail and manufacturing will also be allowed in the Industrial/Research Park district.

According to Santa Barbara County Sheriff Lieutenant Brian Olmstead, the county is involved in activity that addresses illegal outdoor cannabis cultivation. He asserts, “Over the next year, the residents of Carpinteria are going to see a difference,” adding that the county has eradicated over 400,000 illegal marijuana plants this year.

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