Cannabis wellness is helping people lead more fulfilling lives

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From children to seniors, cannabis wellness programs are proving to be life-savers

Medical marijuana allows for an increasing number of individuals live healthier, fuller lives. Where once they suffered from any of a list of ailments – arthritis or chronic pain by a senior or a young child with epilepsy – cannabis is giving them back their lives. Cannabis wellness programs are making it all possible and will continue to expand as mainstream adoption becomes commonplace and the social stigmas of marijuana use are removed.

Now that more than half of the US states have recognized marijuana as, in the least, a viable medical treatment, science is paving the way toward better delivery systems, better products and better micro-dosing capabilities. These will allow for adoption on an even larger scale, as everyone has different criteria when it comes to the amount of cannabis that their bodies need.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years by a great number of cultures to treat pain and other ailments. However, the current social attitude has incorrectly lumped together marijuana, THC and cannabidiol (CBD), resulting in the false assumption that anyone who seeks relief through CBD is a “marijuana junkie.”

CBD does not have any psychoactive ingredients. As such, those who turn to products that contain CBD won’t suffer the “high” associated with marijuana consumption. However, it offers proven relief for a variety of health issues.

Topical creams infused with CBD, as well as patches, have been shown to provide great relief to pain sufferers. It can be used by snowboarders, cyclists, runners and anyone that is dealing with aches and sore muscles.

CBD oil has already been shown as an effective treatment for epilepsy and other tremor-related disorders. It has been so successful that the Food & Drug Administration recently approved the first-ever CBD drug, Epidiolex, as therapy for epileptic seizures.

CBD is also being shown to possibly counter additional ailments, such as type 1 diabetes and Alzheimers.

The list of positive traits associated with marijuana and CBD continues to grow. It’s just a shame that so many had to suffer for decades simply because the cannabis plant was misunderstood.