Cannabis vapes are among the top products in the industry

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Flower still takes the top spot in sales, but vapes are gaining ground

The world of vaping is more popular than ever. Everyone has a friend or acquaintance who vapes. And if you don’t, it’s because you’re probably that kind of consumer. It is true that cannabidiol (CBD) for vaping has many proven benefits, especially when compared to regular cannabis smoking via a joint. This trend is very high, making cannabis vapes among the most demanded products in the industry today.

At first, these vapes were used to replace conventional cigarettes, usually by those who were quitting smoking. Experts say that their effects and risks are less than those of tobacco, which is why more and more people are opting for this type of product instead of the classic cigarette.

There are many liquids that can be vaped, but it is the CBD vape that is becoming more popular. CBD is one of the substances that can be found in marijuana. It has an immense amount of positive properties and, unlike THC, also present in marijuana, it is not addictive.

The effects of vaping are very relative and depend on each person. CBD oils take with them the best part of hemp. This makes that, when vaping, you feel sensations such as calmness, relaxation, relief, and liberation. These effects are the cause of the popularity of vaping. In fact, a report from Headset indicates that this method of consumption is one of the most sought-after these days, with a steady increase in sales over the years.

Last year vapes were the second most popular category at 23.6%, second only to flowers as the most popular category at 40.5%. Vaping can be an ideal alternative for smokers who don’t want to sacrifice the benefits of cannabis.