Cannabis Training University sees dramatic enrollments during the coronavirus pandemic

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The online training facility saw an increase of 108% in new students while COVID-19 was at its worst

With the advancements in terms of legality, industry growth and the market share achieved by the cannabis industry, anyone can see at this point the huge potential the plant and all of its derivatives have in today’s world. The effects of these changes can be seen at one of the leading online cannabis training providers, Cannabis Training University, which has reported a dramatic increase in the number of enrollments to the courses since the coronavirus pandemic began. During April, May and June, the popular educational site, which opened its doors in 2009, saw its enrollments grew more than double if compared to last year for a cumulative increase of 108%.

“We’ve seen a huge influx of new students wanting to learn how to become budtenders, open cannabis businesses, and make cannabis products for resale,” says Jeff Zorn, founder and CEO of Cannabis Training University. “One of the trickiest parts of looking for work or creating jobs in the cannabis industry is keeping up to date on the changing federal, state or province-specific legislation, especially in the US We’re working very hard behind the scenes to meet the increased demand from students and update our course content as things change.”

This company offers a wide variety of cannabis-related topics, some of which have more popularity than others. Cannabis cultivation and horticulture, working with edibles for chefs and infused product manufacturers, how to open and run a dispensary and how to become the budtender are among the most popular courses. “It’s inspiring to see people take control of their futures, pursue, or create careers they believe in, and educate themselves to better prepare for whatever comes next,” said Karen Getchell, director of course content development at Cannabis Training University. “We expect this trend to continue and we want to support everyone as much as possible.”