Cannabis tour of Oakland, California

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The city has a deep-rooted cannabis movement that is inviting and open

California has openly adopted marijuana and cannabis. The integration has led to cities across the state forming a culture around mother nature’s healing plant that makes it appear as though marijuana had always been a part of the landscape. Nowhere is this more evident than in Oakland.

Walking through the city’s streets, there is an endless assortment of coffee shops, eateries and art galleries that incorporate marijuana in some form. They are often seen beside marijuana dispensaries, creating a seamless facade that is exemplary of the laidback culture of California.

Dispensaries, such as Harborside, Phytologie, Magnolia Wellness and Purple Heart Patient Center, are inviting and friendly. They have developed a following that makes them popular among marijuana users and ensures that their staff is completely trained in every aspect of cannabis.

Harborside, whose owner was featured on the Weed Wars reality TV show, has become so popular that lines sometimes form as patrons wait patiently to purchase their Lemon Tree or London Poundcake. Purple Heart is in a logistic hotspot, perfect to visit before going to the area farmers markets, food fairs or wine walks that take place at Jack London Square.

There are a number of delivery services available in Oakland, as well. Mellow, Community Gardens and C.R.A.F.T. are always waiting with a friendly face to receive an order and make sure it arrives quickly. Their extensive selections ensure that they offer something for everyone.

For those that want to “fit in” with the local crowd, Oakland has a few favorites. The leading strains in the city currently are Strawberry Banana, Mendo Breath, Gelato, Do-Si-Dos and London Poundcake.

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