Cannabis to the rescue for cancer patients

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Cannabis has shown to have positive results for the treatment of chemo-induced nausea

Another day, another win for marijuana. While cannabis and marijuana have already been shown to have a number of positive benefits for those suffering from a long list of ailments, it now is confirmed that cannabis can help counter nausea stemming from the use of chemotherapy as part of the treatment of cancer.

There already exist an assortment of medications to offset the effects of chemo treatment. However, they are all laboratory-based and do not work against dizziness. Cannabis, however, has been shown to be more effective than the laboratory drugs for two reasons – it is natural and can combat dizziness.

A recent study revealed that cannabis helps promote the release of natural cannabinoid, called 2-AG, found in the brain. Cannabinoid can cause nausea, but it can also alleviate it in higher amounts.

Initial tests have only been conducted on lab mice. However, the study, led by Curtin University in Australia and Queen Mary Univerity of London, showed that cannabis was responsible for curing pancreatic cancer in the mice. One group of mice was administered cannabis and a chemo medication and the other, only the medication. Results showed that the survival rate among those given both was much greater than those to which only the medication was administered.

According to Psychology Professor Linda Parker, the introduction of cannabis could cause the brain to create more 2-AG. There is still a lot of research needed to ensure the results are founded on firm ground, but the study is showing, as have many before it, the positive benefits of cannabis and marijuana.

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