Cannabis stocks remain a bargain buy with a lot of potential

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Cannabis stocks have slipped, giving investors more reasons to buy the dip

Something similar to many other emerging industries of previous decades has been happening with cannabis in recent years. Marijuana production companies have had strong growth and legalization in Canada and in several US states. The million-dollar question is whether you are close to the inevitable downward curve or if you are a long-term investor and betting on this niche market, considering that as the years go by, more and more countries will legalize marijuana and the market will grow. If you decide to take the next step, now is a good time, as some cannabis stocks are a bargain.

Experts say the US cannabis market could grow from $13.5 billion in 2022 to $40 billion in 2030. Cannabis is steadily being legalized state by state, and this momentum has investors looking for the industry’s winning stocks.

No one probably expects much from cannabis stocks since they have been plummeting lately. However, the industry’s fundamentals and recent performance could position it for a good long-term investment.

Experts who have closely followed the market and marijuana stocks over the past decade say they have never seen prices this low or pessimism this high. That leads many, when looking at valuations, to find prices that appear to be bargains.

This is especially true among US traders whose names are not as relevant. A clear example of this is Columbia Care, a company that heavily discounted the price of its pending deal to merge with larger Cresco Labs.

Stock investors are constantly looking for good investment opportunities, cheap stocks, and strong sectors. There is no doubt that cannabis has all the potential to get on that wish list.

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