Cannabis stock partners with the largest wine importer in Canada

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Green Organic Dutchman partnered with Philippe Dandurand Wines for distribution

The Canadian cannabis stock Green Organic Dutchman Holdings just made a major move in distribution. The company partnered with Canada’s largest wine importer for the sale and distribution of marijuana to the liquor and cannabis boards of provinces across Canada.

Philippe Dandurand Wines specializes in importing vine from around the world into Canada. After the country legalized recreational marijuana, the company created a new arm called Velvet Management, which will focus on marketing and distributing cannabis brands.

The company has a 50-year history in Canada and manages more than $625 million in retail sales per year through its 1,600 stores. The company boasts that one of every 10 bottles of imported wine in Canada is sold through their stores.

Partnering with Velvet Management is expected to significantly boost Green Organic Dutchman stock. The move will help the brand establish a strong presence in Canada. The stock also holds the spot as the first cannabis company to partner with Velvet, and it will be their only partner in the certified organic segment.

Vianney Aubrecht, president of Velvet Management, said they selected Green Organic Dutchman for the company’s quality standards, it’s branding and its packaging. According to Aubrecht, these are all factors in product distribution for which Velvet has very high standards.

The president of Green Organic Dutchman Holdings, Csaba Reider, commented that their company’s cannabis is the best experience a consumer can expect. He explained that the company searched for the highest-quality distribution partner who would best understand the positioning of their products.

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