Cannabis shows signs of being useful to prevent pneumonia

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The immune system-boosting properties of cannabis may help stop pneumonia before it begins

One of the scariest and quickest ways to die is to contract pneumonia. If left untreated, it will kill you. It seldom, if ever, goes away of its own accord. It is a virus that attacks the respiratory system, and once settled there, does not leave of its own volition. In addition to eating well, getting proper exercise and sleep, some researchers are looking into the effects of taking cannabidiol (CBD) as a treatment for pneumonia. Perhaps not so much as a treatment, but as a preventive which will at least prevent the affliction from becoming so severe that it puts you in a hospital on a ventilator.

As if things were not complicated enough these days with the COVID-19 pandemic, now there is a new type of pneumonia which has emerged during the pandemic known as novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP). With this new type, not only do you get all of the common symptoms of pneumonia, but, as an extra added bonus, it comes with nausea or vomiting, muscle or body aches and a loss of smell or taste along with a whole slew of other unpleasant and unwanted symptoms.

The most basic, and obvious, way to improve your chances against contracting pneumonia or other types of infections in your body is via your own immune system. CBD is known to give your immune system a boost among its many other fine attributes. Your endocannabinoid system has receptors in many parts of the body, including the portion of the nervous system in charge of pain and pleasure, which is just one reason that CBD is so effective in boosting your body’s immune system and protecting you from serious diseases like pneumonia.