Cannabis proponent and celebrity Seth Rogen is launching a new podcast

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The comedian and Hollywood celebrity has become a main fixture in the cannabis space

As if partnering with Evan Goldberg to create a successful marijuana business called Houseplant hasn’t made Seth Rogen one of the most relevant celebrities in the industry, he now wants to add a series of podcasts to raise his profile even higher. There is no doubt that Rogen is one of the most famous comedy stars in the business, but as time goes on, his reputation as a cannabis lover grows even more.

Rogen will soon be making his debut on a podcast called “Storytime With Seth Rogen.” It will touch on topics related to the lives of each of his guests. Some may or may not be well-known, but what matters at the end of the day is the story itself and not the popularity of the narrator. Rogen assures that everyone has at least one great story to tell; otherwise, he would not start this new adventure. The potential of this podcast is endless, and Rogen has made it clear that his main goal is to create a kind of audio documentary that will give some of these stories a bit of immortality.

Among the celebrities who have already confirmed their participation in the podcast are Paul Rudd, David Crosby, and director Ava DuVernay. There is no doubt that there will be celebrities who also include stories about marijuana and have good chemistry with the ideal that Rogen has embraced over the years will be coming along. There is no doubt that the foray into the marijuana industry through Rogen’s business is also an interesting story and one that many would like to hear.

Earwolf is responsible for the production of the show and if all goes according to Rogen’s plans, its debut will be on October 6 through Apple Podcasts, Pandora and Stitcher.