Cannabis payments platform Spendr now available in Michigan

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The platform continues to expand across the US as the cannabis industry evolves

For some time, dispensaries and consumers have been able to enjoy the services of Spendr, the first all-in-one cannabis payment and reward app. Now, Michigan residents will be able to use this platform that has announced its launch at the Endo Cannabis Center in Adrian.

“We are thrilled to be launching in Michigan at the Endo Cannabis Center in Adrian,” said Lucas Gould, founder, and CEO of Spendr. Gould is recognized for being a medical marijuana patient and regular cannabis consumer. Mixing that with his background in technology and finance has led him to create a platform that is quite useful in the marijuana community.

Gould’s mission is clear, to destigmatize and normalize the legal cannabis industry. Being a consumer of cannabis and medical marijuana, Gould makes it clear that he was able to properly experience the frustration of cash transactions. Through Spendr, he seeks to change the landscape by providing a faster, more convenient, and more rewarding experience for consumers and merchants.

“We saw an amazing response in Ohio and are excited to see Michigan adopt our platform,” Gould added. “We look forward to implementing it in more markets and will continue to work to normalize, destigmatize and improve the cannabis industry.”

Spendr has been applauded by many in the industry as it is the first marijuana technology platform to launch an all-in-one app at no cost while giving consumers the opportunity to pay cashless and earn rewards after completing each purchase. For the merchant side, it has become an essential platform with tools for marketing, payments, and rewards.

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